Renovation Blitz Build

Wayne Weiseman and Cliff Davis, Co-Chairs
October 1 – October 26, 2012

Clarence Jordan had this notion of a Fund for Humanity that would support partnership farming, partnership businesses, partnership housing and more. The first house was being built for neighbors Bo and Emma Johnson when Clarence died suddenly. Thanks to the community the partnership housing movement took deep root. Koinonia built 192 houses in Sumter County.

Then thanks to Millard and Linda Fuller and Koinonia’s support of these two former Koinonians, the partnership housing movement moved from the farm and became Habitat for Humanity building homes around the world. From Habitat, Millard and Linda went on to found The Fuller Center for Housing continuing the legacy. We are proud of these two organizations born out of Koinonia Farm.

The partnership housing movement sprung from the soil here yet little has been done to the buildings through these 70 years. If we want them to last another 70 years, they need some tender loving care. Join us for the Renovation Blitz Build.

Following the Symposium, we’re planning a month-long series of renovation, rehab, and construction projects at the farm and in the wider community.

Here’s how it works

  • Form a crew, choose a project you want to sponsor, register here online and bring the crew to complete the project. We’ve broken as many projects as we can down into manageable chunks both time wise and financially. Simply choose a project that you’d like to sponsor then fill out the registration form.
  • You can’t travel to Koinonia, but want to help out? Choose a project to sponsor in total or in part. Once we have monies needed for a project, we’ll find a crew to do the work.


Housing costs are additional. Here is a list of area hotels. Of course, we’d love to have as many of you stay at Koinonia as we can house. We’re taking reservations until we fill up. Visit our Housing Registration page or Contact Us.

We’ll serve a noon meal Monday-Friday and dinner Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evening. Cost per meal is $6.00 per person. You’re also welcome to join us for Gathered Worship and a Potluck Meal on Sundays. Bring a dish and come on over!


We have a list of projects you can choose to work on during your Blitz work. Click here to check them out.

Learn more about the guys heading up these projects:

Wayne Weiseman has taught three Permaculture Design Courses at Koinonia.

Cliff Davis began his friendship with Koinonia in 2011 while teaching our first Natural Building Course.